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As a small or medium-sized business owner, you know all too well – waste disposal can be a real headache. As a responsible and eco-minded California resident, and knowing your customers would expect no less, it’s important to you that your waste is disposed of properly. At K-Pure Waterworks, Inc, our mission is to provide you with a painless, efficient waste disposal service that meets the highest legal standards. Fully licensed and authorized by both the State of California and the United States government to treat and dispose of non-hazardous waste, you can be confident your waste is being removed safely. Let us take care of your waste disposal. With our full range of services, we allow you to keep your focus where it should be: on growing your business!

K-PURE serves many industries including:


Car Wash Industry

Car Wash Industry


Industrial & Manufacturing

Equipment Repair, Printing, Construction, Plants


Food Industry

Farming, Manufacturing,

K-PURE Waterworks Services

From remediation to final disposal, K-Pure Waterworks Inc takes care of every step of the non-hazardous waste disposal process. Many companies will only accept specific types of waste, but at K-Pure, we are happy to dispose of a wide range of waste types.

We partner with California’s finest licensed transporters, removing the need for you to seek out reputable options yourself. Non-hazardous bulk liquids are our specialty in addition to your drums of liquid waste, we also dispose of totes and cubic yard boxes. We can also handle all of your consumer and non-consumer product destruction services, complete with a certificate of destruction.

Bulk Liquid

At K-Pure Waterworks, we accept numerous waste liquid types from a variety of generators as allowed by our regulator, the Inland Empire Utilities Agency.

Drums – Liquid Disposal

Perhaps the most common method of liquid waste holding is in drums. With two decades of experience, we are your first choice for the removal, transport, and disposal ...

Tote – Liquid Disposal

We are also experienced in the disposal of non-hazardous liquid waste held in smaller containers such as totes and cubic yard boxes. Once the necessary analytics

Drums and Totes – Solid Disposal

While much of the waste that is not accepted by municipal services tends to be liquid, we are well aware that solid...

Product Destruction

There are several reasons why product destruction may be necessary. Defective, damaged, and otherwise inferior examples of your products must be destroyed...

Certified Truck Scale

Regulated by the County of San Bernadino, our truck scale service if fully certified and will yield results accepted by all the relevant authorities and regulatory bodies.

Our family-owned business has been a Rancho Cucamonga, CA mainstay for close to 20 years.

As such, we understand the needs of smaller, local businesses. We know that high quality, yet affordable, service is required for your business to grow. And most of all, we understand that the last thing you need is a confusing waste disposal process that takes your attention away from your work. Our personalized and all encompassing approach allows you to feel confident that your waste removal and disposal process is being professionally executed with the minimum amount of effort from you.

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