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Bulk Liquid

At K-Pure Waterworks, we accept numerous waste liquid types from a variety of generators as allowed by our regulator, the Inland Empire Utilities Agency. To ensure the safety of our employees as well as area residents at large, we strictly adhere to these guidelines. The majority of these, we happily accept without the need for additional analytics.

However, regulations do require additional analytics for the following:

Parts Washer Water
Uniform Clarifiers
Cooling Tower Water
Chiller Water
Aerospace Water
Metal Companies
Food Rinse Water
Mop Water
These waste types will require the following types of analytics per location:
Fish Bio
RCRA Metals

To ensure complete compliance, we may occasionally need to request further analytics on other incoming bulk liquid waste as well. At the end of the day, our continued compliance allows us to continue offering affordable and safe waste disposal. Regulations can undoubtedly be confusing – please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Our waste disposal experts will be able to quickly and concisely give you the answers you need.

Drums – Liquid Disposal

Perhaps the most common method of liquid waste holding is in drums. With two decades of experience, we are your first choice for the removal, transport, and disposal of drum liquid waste disposal. With our numerous accreditations and certified adherence to regulations, you can feel confident that not only is your waste being disposed of properly, but the accompanying drums as well.

While we are recognized supporters of small businesses throughout in Rancho Cucamonga and throughout San Bernadino County, our facilities have the capacity to work with businesses of all sizes. As the holder of a Class I Industrial User Discharge Permit, K-Pure Waterworks Inc. is allowed by law to discharge 25,000 gallons or more of industrial wastewater daily.

Tote – Liquid Disposal

We are also experienced in the disposal of non-hazardous liquid waste held in smaller containers such as totes and cubic yard boxes. Once the necessary analytics have been performed, we will take your totes or cubic yard boxes and completely pump them out. In the case of returnable totes, we will present the completely free-of-waste tote to you for pickup one the process is done. However, if you would prefer the tote to be disposed of, we will do so in the correct manner for an additional fee. This disposal will be automatically performed on totes not reclaimed within two (2) days, and associated fees may apply.

Drums and Totes – Solid Disposal

While much of the waste that is not accepted by municipal services tends to be liquid, we are well aware that solid and semi-solid waste that requires special disposal is a consideration for many businesses as well. Taking up more volume and often dangerous to keep on site, this type of waste is important to remove and have disposed of as quickly as possible. At K-Pure, we quickly and efficiently dispose of your solid waste in adherence with all state guidelines and industry regulations. Not only does this mean your waste will not be illegally dumped; it also means that less of it will unnecessarily end up in landfills, contributing to the very real problem of excess waste.

Product Destruction

There are several reasons why product destruction may be necessary. Defective, damaged, and otherwise inferior examples of your products must be destroyed to avoid them showing up in for aftermarket or second-hand sale, sullying your business’ reputation. Obsolete inventory, meanwhile, must be gotten rid of to open the market to new and improved products. Past date perishable inventory should be destroyed as well so that products bearing your name do not cause illness. Prototypes and other classified objects, especially those of proprietary or as-yet-unpatented designs, must be protected from getting into the wrong hands, as must sensitive media and documents.

K-Pure can crush and otherwise irreversibly dispose of both consumer and non-consumer products. To guarantee completion of service, we offer Certificates of Destruction where requested. Contact us to request a quote and ask about specific destruction needs.

Certified Truck Scale

Regulated, Certified, Calibrated, and Permitted by both San Bernardino County Weights and Measures and the CA Department of Food and Agriculture. Our truck scale service is fully certified and will yield results accepted by all the relevant authorities and regulatory bodies. We not only welcome our business clients to use this service, but also open our certified scale to the public. Our scale provides extremely accurate weights not only for trucks but all types of heavy equipment that need weight measurement.

For accurate tax collection of goods, a certified scale ticket for our truck scale will allow you in many cases to bypass certain weigh stations, getting your goods there faster and giving you the competitive advantage. This will also protect you from inadvertently circumventing weight guidelines and finding yourself in legal hot water.

To learn more about our wide range of non-hazardous waste disposal options and additional services, contact us today.