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About K-PURE

Nearly two decades ago in 2001, K-Pure Waterworks Inc was established as a centralized waste treatment (CWT) facility. With a main focus in bulk liquid waste disposal, our mission was to provide world-class non-hazardous waste disposal to our home city of Rancho Cucamonga in San Bernadino County and the surrounding areas. Since then, we have expanded our areas of expertise to include all manner of liquid and solid waste and waste product destruction. We accept liquid and solid waste on a case-by-case basis in drums, totes, and cubic yard boxes. We also provide product destruction services where certified, unrecoverable disposable is required. Where large disposal corporations may require unrealistic minimums, we are here to serve your small and medium-sized business’s needs.

One of the most appreciated services we provide is seamless transport of non-hazardous, non-regulated waste in liquid, solid and sludge form through our similarly accredited transport partners. Thanks to these partnerships, your transport services will not only require little to no footwork on your end but will be considerably more economical than other companies. In 2003, we went one step further, adding a certified truck scale to our facilities. This allows our business customers to obtain certified weights for their trucks and other heavy machinery without having to travel long distances – or worse yet, be caught in transit with incorrect weights.
At K-Pure Waterworks Inc.,

We are dedicated to providing economical, personalized, and customer-service driven non-hazardous waste disposal services to our clients. We are equally committed to having a positive impact on the environment by doing so in strict compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and using the most effective and eco-friendly, cutting-edge technologies and processes.


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